Dale Earnhardt Jr. burning up the Twitter-sphere, much to delight of fans


It appears Dale Earnhardt Jr. is making up for lost time – not just in wins, but tweets.

Sunday’s Daytona 500 winner had held a Twitter account for the last two years but never made even one tweet until after winning the Great American Race four days ago.

Now, it’s like Earnhardt can’t be stopped. Dare say, he may have created a Twitter monster.

As of 9 pm ET on Thursday, Earnhardt had typed out 121 tweets. That’s an average of 30-plus a day since he got the tweeting bug (or does he perhaps have a ghost tweeter?).

Among his most recent tweets are one of his late father early in his career, as well as Junior touting a pair of patriotic socks (see below).

While we can understand he’s excited about winning the 500 for the second time in 10 years, how can Junior be squeezing in so many tweets when he’s made countless media appearances across the country the last three days?

Has he stopped sleeping so he can keep tweeting?

Regardless, it’s likely the Junior Nation is really enjoying not only the post-Daytona 500 win high, it’s also really diggin’ on Junior’s new-found hobby.

Which begs the question that can be applied to his win Sunday, his first win since 2012 and his new-found tweeting proclivity: What took you so long, Junior?

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