Bristol flashback: Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth’s tangles (VIDEO)


Twice in the last eight years, trouble has found Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth at the spring Bristol NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

Last year, Gordon had an apparent right front tire failure and he skidded up the road betweens Turn 3 and 4, into Kenseth’s No. 20 who had nowhere to go. It was game over for both of them.

That wasn’t the first time they came together at Bristol, though. With last year the second coming-together they had, it provides us the opportunity to show you this second bit of video when Gordon pushed Kenseth after the race in 2006, after Kenseth hit him on the track.

You have to love the drama and contact that is Bristol. And as neither has won yet in 2014, you wonder if there will be more contact between them if they’re in win contention late in the 500-lap race.