Mazda giving iRacing players a chance to race in real life


How many times have diehard auto racing sim gamers thought to themselves, “If I only had a chance, I could do this for real”?

The GT Academy, which “promotes” drivers from Gran Turismo to actually racing Nissan cars in real life is one option.

But now Mazda is getting into the act, according to

Using the iRacing game platform, Mazda Motorsports will take the best of the best in the 2014 iRacing MX-5 Cup and bring them together this fall to compete in the Mazda Club Racing Shootout.

The top-finishing driver in the Shootout will then be given a “scholarship” that will put them in a real car, on real race tracks and against real competitors in the 2014 Mazda MX-5 Cup.

“The partnership between Mazda and iRacing is a natural,” iRacing president Tony Gardner said in a release. “As we all know, more MX-5s are road-raced on any given weekend than any other model of car.

“What’s also true is that, on any given day, more MX-5s are sim-raced on iRacing than any other car. Not only does this partnership offer exciting opportunities for our many members who are aspiring racers, it will also enable Mazda teams to tap into a deep pool of new driving talent.”

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