Could RGIII drive the Richmond pace car for NASCAR race?


We’ve made no secret of the fact Dale Earnhardt Jr., since he joined Twitter earlier this year, has been something of a social media revelation.

Between post-Daytona 500 selfies, tweeting Red Bull Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo (a fan of his father), and the Graham Rahal ride swap idea back-and-forth, anytime Dale Jr. tweets (which is frequent), the potential for something interesting happens.

Which makes this late March exchange between Dale Jr., a big Washington Redskins fan, and Richmond International Raceway president Dennis Bickmeier, all the more interesting.

Griffin later responded on his own after the sequence continued.

Now granted, no formal contact has been made between RIR officials and Griffin’s camp, per this local CBS report from a D.C. affiliate.

But with one quarterback already having been provided VIP treatment at a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race this year – Donovan McNabb at Auto Club Speedway last month – it’s at least an interesting idea to see if RGIII makes the trip to an event as well.

This may end up being a false start, but it could be a big headline maker if it happens.