Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson do it old school style in a pair of classic pickup trucks (VIDEOS)


While they drive state-of-the-art stock cars on the racetrack, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are both old school in their off-track tastes.

In a new multi-part online series from Valvoline, Johnson and Junior — or is it Junior and Johnson — get down to some fancy driving not just in their trademark Chevrolets, but they do it in true old school fashion with a pair of vintage pickups.

The first three segments of the Valvoline Reinvention Project series have been released, and we have the videos here.

The first segment features Junior and Jimmie in a drag race. Only problem is we don’t know who wins (fans are supposed to vote online for who they think won). Check out that video below, followed by the two drivers engaged in an autocross competition, and last but not least, who can create the smokiest burnout in their street rod trucks.