McLaren denies reports of leg injury for Jenson Button


After the emergence of multiple reports that said McLaren’s Jenson Button pulled out of a recent triathlon on the Canary Islands due to a leg injury, the team has commented on the matter.

“Jenson decided not to complete the Canary Islands triathlon, but he is fit and well and has, contrary to a few rogue media reports, no injuries of any kind,” a team spokesperson has said.

“Indeed, he is driving in our simulator today and is looking forward to participating in the forthcoming Spanish Grand Prix.”

Those particular reports said that Button had completed the swimming and cycling portions of the triathlon but pulled out of the half-marathon run due to a muscle issue.

Button tweeted about the triathlon earlier this morning, but made no reference to any possible injuries.

However, on his Instagram page, he made reference to having to pull out of the running portion due to his “ITB,” or illiotibial band, acting up.


The illiotibial band is a ligament that serves to help extend, abduct, and rotate the hip, as well as provide lateral stabilization of the knee. Injuries involving the band are common among runners.