Ever wonder what goes on in wind tunnel testing? Find out from NHRA driver Allen Johnson (video)


Drag racing is more than just a situation where you put the pedal to the metal and hang on for dear life.

Over the last decade-plus, technology found in other forms of motorsports such as IndyCar and NASCAR has also found its way into the world of National Hot Rod Association drag racing.

One of those technology elements that has taken on crucial importance is wind tunnel testing.

Racers talk about it all the time, it seems, but most fans really don’t have much of an idea of what goes on.

Former NHRA Pro Stock champion Allen Johnson recently took his new Hemi-powered Dodge Dart into the wind tunnel, and through the magic of video, fans can come along for the ride to see what goes on in testing as car bodies are eventually manipulated and reconfigured to maximize the best air flow over and around those bodies.

Click here to check out AutoMoto’s video of Johnson’s time in the wind tunnel, courtesy of AOL.

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