Mercedes tests new megaphone; tough to get a true reading (UPDATED)


So Nico Rosberg is underway today with Mercedes’ new megaphone on the back of the chassis, designed to modify and perhaps amplify the sound of the 2014 Formula One engines.

Video was captured by a YouTube user above, and it did provide the first glimpse of what it could sound like, but getting an actual reading is a bit more difficult.

Especially considering, as one reader noted in the comments section, the video was later removed. If you saw it beforehand, good on you.

Perhaps a better alternative is offered by NBC Sports Group’s F1 pit reporter and insider Will Buxton, who before he was in motorsports was trained as a musician.

Of the YouTube video, Buxton writes on his blog:

A video has leaked out of testing today, and already people are saying the engine note is unimpressive, sounds worse, whatever. But the video is misleading. It features poor sound reproduction at a part of the track where the car is mid corner and not under constant acceleration and so it is impossible to determine what the true sound is. Factor in also that the film is taken from the side and the exhaust is only shooting the sound backwards, not flaring it outwards.

So that provides a bit of context with which to take the sound, which right now, clearly is just in development.