Pulling all-nighter for next race gets Bubba Wallace’s goat

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When it comes to professional sports, the word GOAT typically means one of two things:

1) Anagram for “Greatest Of All-Time”

2) Slang for making a monumental mistake or error that will forever link an athlete to said mistake (i.e., Bill Buckner’s muff of a ground ball that went through his legs in the 1986 World Series).

Now there’s a third meaning, courtesy of NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr.

And this one as close to GOAT as you can get because it indeed includes a real-life goat.

Wallace is featured in a new short video that is somewhat of a takeoff of college kids pulling an all-nighter to study for a final exam.

Only in Wallace’s case, he’s pulling an all-nighter to prepare for an upcoming Truck series race.

A good chunk of the video is Wallace running a race on the NASCAR ’14 video game, with a little help and advice from his friends, including Larry McReynolds, Jeff Hammond, Danielle Trotta, Ryan Blaney, Miss Sprint Cup Madison Martin and … let’s not forget Olivia the Goat.

To get traction in the social media sphere, the little get-together is attached to the hashtag #BubbaGoatParty.

Check out the video bahhhh-low (sorry, we couldn’t avoid it — and yes, we know sheep sound almost the same way):