VIDEO: Breaking down the Mercedes rivalry


Lewis Hamilton has been left fuming after a mistake by teammate Nico Rosberg denied him a chance to secure pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix, and even implied that the move may have been done deliberately to bring out yellow flags.

After the first set of runs during Q3, he enjoyed a 0.059 second advantage over his teammate, giving Hamilton one more chance to secure his first pole position at Monaco. However, during his final flying lap, the German made a mistake at Mirabeau, and was forced to take evasive action down a slip road to avoid hitting the wall.

Although this did end Rosberg’s qualifying early, it also brought out yellow flags that meant none of the other drivers could post a lap time that was better than his, thus securing himself pole position.

In this video, Leigh Diffey, Steve Matchett and David Hobbs take a look at the brewing rivalry at Mercedes between Hamilton and Rosberg, and consider what could have been had the German driver not made the mistake during qualifying.