Marussia confident that Monaco result wasn’t a one-off


After Jules Bianchi’s cinderella story drive to ninth place in the Monaco Grand Prix, Marussia team principal John Booth is confident that it will not be the only time in 2014 that the Anglo-Russian team is celebrating a points finish.

Bianchi’s run into the top ten marked the first points in Formula 1 for both the driver and the team. Marussia made its debut back in 2010, and had since been embroiled in a race with Caterham to see who was the first to score.

In Monaco, thanks to a near-perfect drive from Bianchi and a number of retirements further up the field, Marussia won said race with two points. However, Booth is not willing to stop there.

“We think that we can do it now,” he explained to “We think that we can perform at this level. Places like Canada, Monza and Spa might be quite difficult for us, but in Austria, Silverstone, and Hungary, we think we can repeat this level of performance there.”

Booth spoke about the prestige of scoring points and finally breaking into the top ten, which he believes outweighs the obvious financial benefits.

“There’s financial potential, but it gives us belief in what we’re doing.

“We’re a small band of people, we’re 193 people in total. I think we’re 130 less than any other team, and it gives us faith in the work we do and what we do.”

Bianchi’s efforts in Monaco won him a great deal of praise, and after a weekend of tension and turmoil at the front of the grid, it was nice that F1’s glamor event turned into a day for the underdog.

However, should Booth indeed be correct about the team finishing in the top ten again before the end of the season, perhaps the term “underdog” may not be quite the right one to use.