Carl Edwards goes horsing around in Kentucky


With so many rumors flying around about where NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards will ultimately land for next season, we can officially and unequivocally confirm one thing:

While he may change teams, Cousin Carl is not changing jobs, and he ESPECIALLY will not become a jockey anytime soon.

Frankly, he’s about a foot too tall and about 50 lbs too heavy.

But that didn’t keep Edwards from hanging out with 1978 Triple Crown winning rider Steve Cauthen on Wednesday at Kentucky Speedway.

The two joined together to promote the upcoming tripleheader weekend later this month that will culminate with the Quaker State 400 Sprint Cup race there on June 28.

Now, this was just another press event, but we couldn’t let it go without the above photo of Cousin Carl in jockey goggles.

Yet another reason why he may know horsepower, but Edwards would make a lousy jockey – he doesn’t even look like one. In fact, doesn’t he bear a very close resemblance to Ron Howard (when he had hair) doing a Fonzie-like “Heeeeyyyyyy!”?

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