Kobayashi focusing on racing amid Caterham’s uncertainty


The future of his team may be far from certain, but Caterham’s Kamui Kobayashi is simply focusing on the job at hand and trying to secure the best result possible on-track.

Speculation about the future of the backmarker team has been rife for some time now, forcing owner Tony Fernandes to deny that he was set to sell Caterham on more than one occasion.

However, it appears that he may have finally admitted defeat. His final tweet before shutting down his Twitter account earlier this week was “F1 hasn’t worked love Caterham cars”, and a sale is thought to be imminent.

For Kobayashi though, as there is nothing he can do about the financial situation of the team, he is just focusing on doing the best job possible out on track.

“Of course, I’m not wishing these stories,” he told Sky Sports. “I’m here for driving. I can’t change anything, you know? I cannot bring any money or stuff.

“Financially, I think we’re in a very difficult situation but I cannot do anything so I just focus on my job,” he said. “That’s part of my job actually. I’ll just try for a better result as much as I can.

“I just hope that somebody can help this team. This is the only thing I can say.”

Kobayashi returned to Formula 1 with Caterham in 2014 after a year out in endurance racing. The Japanese driver has gained a cult following for his aggressive and entertaining driving style, and it would be a shame to see him bow back out of F1 if Caterham folds at the end of the season.

Should Fernandes find a buyer soon though, the team may enjoy a new lease of life and have its future secured beyond the end of the season, be it as Caterham or under a different name.