F1 flashback: 20 years since Hill’s home win, Schumacher’s formation lap overtake (VIDEO)


As we head for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend, it now marks 20 years since Damon Hill scored his first and only home Grand Prix victory and the site of one of Michael Schumacher’s more surprising missteps.

Schumacher started second in his Benetton-Ford behind Hill’s Williams-Renault, but the German overtook the Englishman on the formation lap. Although he did eventually serve a drive-through penalty, he was disqualified from the race thereafter.

It was one of the tide-turning races as the two battled for the 1994 Formula One World Championship; Hill closed the gap to 25 points and began a second-half surge aided in part by Schumacher’s absence from two races. The two-race ban came down later in the season.

Meanwhile in the above review video as officially produced by the FIA, it’s fascinating to look at the history gone by. The late Princess Diana and her sons William and Harry attended the race; World Cup fever was also sweeping the world then, as it is now, 20 years on.

Of course, the cars and sounds were substantially different to today as well. The track layout at Silverstone has also been altered.