Report: FRIC suspension ban not delayed, as teams fail to agree


The front-and-rear interconnected suspension system, FRIC for short, has been in the news over the last few weeks as a ban on it was looming. The ban could shake up the pecking order on the F1 grid.

The potential of the ban being delayed until 2015 was possible; however, Autosport reported Tuesday that the 11 Formula One teams have failed to agree. The ones speaking up against the ban delay, reportedly, are some of the smaller teams.

Thus, it opens the potential to where teams can protest any organization who opt to run with the FRIC. Running the FRIC now could mean a team is in violation of the rules.

McLaren has confirmed it won’t run the FRIC system at this weekend’s German Grand Prix. Others may follow.

The FRIC system, in short, helps provide a more stable ride through the corners, and thus a better aerodynamic balance. Mercedes was first to introduce such a system back in 2011.