Incredible story of tragedy turned to triumph: Chris Lambert, spotter for Denny Hamlin


You might say that in each of the 36 Sprint Cup races, Chris Lambert has Denny Hamlin’s ear.

While Hamlin can get over-revved at times behind the wheel, Lambert has a calming tone and voice that keeps the driver of the No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota in-check and under control.

Lambert is Hamlin’s spotter – and without question one of the best in the business, respected by peers and looked upon as someone who does his job right.

But Lambert is also a kind of quiet guy. Part of it is by nature, but another part of it is due to unspeakable tragedy that he’s gone through and survived.

In an absolutely heartwarming story by Fox & Friends, Lambert’s story is one you not only owe it to yourself to watch, but if you have a spouse and/or kids, have them join you while viewing a tale of something no one should go through and how he rallied back thanks to a special “guardian angel.”

(You also might want to keep some tissue nearby, just in case.)

Kudos to Fox & Friends for telling a story that so deserved to be told.

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Click here to watch the inspiring video.