Newey: F1’s technical regulations are too restrictive


Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey has criticized Formula 1’s technical regulations for being too restrictive and not promoting enough creativity in the design of the cars.

Newey is widely regarded as being one of the finest designers to have worked in the sport, but he is set to take a backwards step at Red Bull for 2015 in order to try his hand at some other projects. He will remain in an advisory role at the team, though, but explained in an interview with Motor Sport Magazine the reasons behind his decision.

“There have been a whole host of factors playing their parts in my decision to leave F1, and a lot of mixed emotions,” he explained in a wide-ranging interview. “I felt it was time to challenge myself in something different and that’s certainly a factor.

“But at the same time I do think the regs have become too restrictive. We’re in danger, chassis-wise, of becoming GP1. Everybody’s converging on cars that look more and more similar.”

Newey even went on to say that if the cars were all painted the same color, it might be difficult to differentiate between teams.

The technical regulations in Formula 1 have certainly gone through a great deal of changes over the years, but some of the more creative approaches have been neutered as the sport continues to develop.

Although there is a battle to keep things fair, F1 must also continue to play up to its title of ‘the pinnacle of motorsport’: that goes for the drivers, the teams and the technology involved.