GP2: Sergio Canamasas DQd following challenging Italian weekend


Spanish GP2 driver Sergio Canamasas had a weekend to forget in the Italian round of the season, where he was disqualified from the weekend for driving standards.

A post from the F1 blog site had a harsh headline of “Canamasas gets disqualified from GP2 race for driving like an utter moron,” and featured screenshots of his indiscretions, although the article was later removed.

Trident teammate Johnny Cecotto Jr. was one of several either current or past GP2 drivers who took to social media to express their displeasure with Canamasas’ driving. Here’s a sampling:

Here’s a video of Canamasas going off and on.

NBCSN’s Formula One pit reporter and insider Will Buxton, lead commentator for GP2, wrote a column on his blog site this morning, entitled “Enough is Enough.”

Here’s an excerpt from that post:

Sergio Canamasas displayed to the world on Sunday in Monza that he should not be allowed on a race track. At all. His blatant disregard for track limits, his appalling awareness of his own actions and his utter incomprehension of their consequences resulted in multiple accidents, retirements and his eventual disqualification.