Pirelli confirms tire allocations for Japanese and Russian Grands Prix

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F1 tire supplier Pirelli has confirmed its compound selections for the Japanese and Russian Grands Prix, which are set to take place on the first and second weekends of October respectively.

Since entering the sport in 2011, the Italian tire manufacturer has produced a range of four different compounds for use in Formula 1. Only two are used on a race weekend: the ‘option’ tire, which is softer and quicker but less durable, and the ‘prime’, which is longer lasting but provides less grip.

Here are the picks for Japan and Russia:

  • Japanese Grand Prix – medium (option); hard (prime)
  • Russian Grand Prix – soft (option); medium (prime)

Suzuka Circuit in Japan is one of the most demanding tracks on the calendar, warranting the selection made. It also follows the example set in 2013, where strategies varied between two and three stops.

The revived Russian Grand Prix will be the first to take place in 100 years, and will take place at the Sochi Autodrom on October 12th. As there is no existing data to use, Pirelli has had to base its selection on simulations that have been run by its engineers.

So far this season, Pirelli has come under fire for being too conservative with its tire allocations, and this was particularly clear in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, where most stopped just once for a fresh set. However, it could be that this was a circuit-specific problem.

Pirelli also confirmed today that Daniel Ricciardo recorded a top speed of 362.1kph at Monza, the fastest of the season. “At the speed Ricciardo recorded, the wheel is rotating around 2800 times every minute, or just under 50 times every second,” the Italian company writes.