Michael Waltrip challenges Dale Jr. to go Dancing With The Stars


Michael Waltrip took a big step when he agreed to compete on Season 19 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Now, Waltrip has gone and put his foot in his mouth by trying to kick Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the behind, so to speak.

When Junior sent Waltrip a congratulatory tweet for making it past the first round on DWTS, Earnhardt also used the hashtag #HugeCajones.

Waltrip didn’t seem to know what “cajones” meant, pronouncing it in “ca-jone-ies” in an interview with NASCAR.com.

But then Waltrip made the fateful move: he challenged Earnhardt to follow in his footsteps (sorry, we couldn’t avoid it) and join DWTS next season, regardless of how far Waltrip advances in this season.

“Dale Jr. said that this was the last thing he would do and so did I, yet here I stand. So it’s up to you big boy, bring your nation to Dancing With The Stars next season and let’s see what you’ve got.”

Here’s the video that includes Waltrip’s challenge:


So far, Junior has not tweeted or commented on whether he’ll accept Waltrip’s challenge.

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