Sochi Autodrom gears up for Russian GP in three weeks’ time (VIDEO)


Amid all of the concern about taking Formula 1 to Russia in just over three weeks’ time, the plans and preparation for the race have gone ahead with no problems at all.

In fact, the Sochi Autodrom played host to its first race meeting earlier this month, and from the video that the circuit has produced, the facilities look very impressive indeed (ignore the dodgy music in the background, though).

Concerns about the race have been raised following the crisis in the Crimea and the recent MH17 disaster, but the FIA and commercial rights holder appear to have few qualms about taking F1 to Russia, claiming that sport and politics do not mix.

The teams have always said that they will support the decision taken by the power that be in Formula 1, and it seems that the stage is set for the first Russian Grand Prix in 100 years to take place on October 12th.

Four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel went for a lap of the circuit, which is built around the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics complex, behind the wheel of an Infiniti road car. You can watch this in the video below.