NASCAR AMERICA: Analyzing the rule changes for 2015 (VIDEO)


2015 is going to look considerably different for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

No more private team testing. A reduction in horsepower. Less downforce. And maybe, just maybe, a Sprint Cup race in the rain (yeah, we’re excited too).

It will be very interesting to see who can excel under the new rules package that comes into effect next season. How will the lack of testing impact teams, particularly the smaller ones? And will the engine and aero changes yield the better on-track product that NASCAR wants?

Time will tell how those questions are answered. But NASCAR executive vice president Steve O’Donnell feels that the new package will serve as a solid starting point for 2015.

“I think we’re all about seeing more passing – more green flag passing on the race track,” O’Donnell told NBCSN’s Marty Snider today on NASCAR AMERICA. “We believe in that and we think this [package] will offer that to the fans…Each time we look at a race, we’re always trying to get better, so we’ll take what we can learn, apply that to ’15, and keep going on for ’16 as well.”

To hear more from O’Donnell on the new package, watch the clip above.