Marko: Verstappen is like Senna


Bold words from Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko, who’s gone so far as to say 16-year-old wunderkind Max Verstappen could most likely be compared to Ayrton Senna, without Verstappen having ever driven a Grand Prix.

Marko made the comments as part of a wide-ranging interview with the Formula One official website.

When asked who Verstappen could be compared to, Marko replied, “Most likely Ayrton Senna. And in such a case you must not look at his age. He has been talking with people who are experts when it comes to the development of youngsters and they all say that (in terms of) his mind he is more like 22 than 16.”

He added, “He is an exceptional talent that comes along only once in decades…”

The lofty nature of those words may place an unfair burden on Verstappen, and we’ll see how the young Dutchman handles it starting with his Grand Prix debut in Melbourne next March.