F1: Kevin Magnussen prepared for future – whatever it may be

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McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen has banked World Championship points in nine of his first 14 Formula One Grand Prix. He also has a bit of hardware to look at thanks to his podium run in the season opener at Australia.

But with the team yet to confirm that he and his ex-World Champion teammate, Jenson Button, will be back at Woking in 2015, Magnussen has been steeling himself for all possible outcomes.

In an interview with Crash.net, the young Dane says that he’s treated this year with the mindset that if he didn’t perform well, his F1 career was likely to be over before it truly began.

“The way I see it is I’ve always known that if I don’t deliver this year then that’s it,” Magnussen said to Crash’s Chris Medland. “I’ve got one chance and I think I’m doing OK. It does put pressure on you because when the press starts talking about it because then it makes many people talk about it and you can feel a bit of negative energy coming from that.

“But you have to deal with it and it’s not a massive problem because I knew when I pushed to get this seat that if I go for this seat it’s my one opportunity and it’s going to be make-or-break. I knew what I was going in to and I think I’m doing OK.”

Magnussen also indicated that it was pointless to start his F1 tenure at a smaller team and pull himself up the pecking order.

“I’m not here for anything other than World Championships,” said Magnussen. “I don’t want to be here driving around and finishing races and scoring points. I only want to win and if I can’t do that – if I can’t see that I have a future with wins and championships – then I’m not up for Formula One, I’ll do something else where I can win.”

Earlier this month, Magnussen admitted to NBCSN’s Will Buxton before the Italian Grand Prix that “it’s just not very nice not to know if you’re there next year or not.”

McLaren’s been at the center of reports that have involved them possibly bringing in a big-name driver such as Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso for 2015.

But you figure Magnussen can at least bolster his own cause with a strong run in the season’s final five Grand Prix – a stretch that begins this weekend in Japan.

“I’m really looking forward to driving onto the track for the first time and tackling the famous corners you always hear about – the Esses, the Degners, then Spoon and 130R,” he said in a team release. “After Singapore, I’m hoping the conditions in Japan won’t be quite so difficult to manage!

“It was a really tough race and we deserved more than we came home with, but I’m confident that we can begin the weekend in good form and build on the improvements we’ve already seen in the past few races.”