NASCAR AMERICA: Dale Earnhardt Jr. aims for better results in Chase (VIDEO)

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The Challenger Round effort from Dale Earnhardt Jr. was enough to have him move on to the Contender Round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

But Earnhardt is looking to go all the way to Homestead and be one of the final four drivers competing for the championship.

And he knows that finishes of 11th, ninth, and 17th like he had in the first three Chase races won’t get him there.

Unsurprisingly, when NASCAR AMERICA’s Rick Allen asked Earnhardt if he was satisfied with his early performance, he replied in the negative.

“We ran decent, but definitely not good enough to continue to move forward in the Chase,” he said. “So, we’re a little bit concerned about our speed and our competitiveness.

“But we’re positive going into Kansas that we’re going to get down there, get some work done, figure out to get a great result out of that race, and move on to Charlotte and do the same thing.

“We’re definitely not running like we ran throughout the year, and we’re concerned. But we’re trying to address it and get things moving the right way.”

In his interview with Allen, Earnhardt also talked about the importance of curing his struggles in qualifying and attaining enough of a points cushion to not worry about elimination in three weeks’ time at Talladega Superspeedway.

You can see the full interview in the clip above.