Will Michael Waltrip survive Round 4 elimination on Dancing With The Stars?

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He’s reached the fourth round of Dancing With The Stars, but will NASCAR’s Michael Waltrip and partner Emma Slater make it to the fifth round?

When this coming Monday rolls around, Waltrip will likely have only five words in mind: “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!”

Because Monday will mark the fourth pair of dancers to be eliminated. Thus far, we’ve seen three pairs that have been cut, including two dancers from the sports world: track and field star Lolo Jones and MMA legend Randy Couture.

Waltrip and Slater just barely missed being eliminated in Week 2 of the 19th year of the series. This past Monday, the pair earned 28 points doing a waltz, again closely staving off elimination.

But will their luck run out on Monday’s show, which will be televised live?

Fans can vote for Waltrip and Slater by calling a 1-800-868-3409, voting on Dancing with the Stars Facebook page or going to abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars.

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