NASCAR AMERICA: Goodyear investigating tire issues from Kansas (VIDEO)


Tire failures during Sunday’s Contender Round opener at Kansas Speedway have already put Chasers such as Brad Keselowski, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Jimmie Johnson in perhaps a “win or bust” situation going to Charlotte on Saturday night.

Other drivers also had problems related to the tires, which take an incredible amount of loading on Kansas’ hyper-fast and super-smooth 1.5-mile oval.

During ESPN’s telecast, Goodyear racing director Greg Stucker said that the tires looked “beautiful” following the first green flag run – before the rash of failures began.

He then added: “We’ll have to sit down with the teams and try to make sure we understand if they made the adjustments or what were different about those particular runs vs. what we’ve seen before those incidents happened.”

Today, NASCAR on NBC contributor Nate Ryan reported on NASCAR AMERICA about the situation. He noted that Goodyear is taking several measures to pinpoint Sunday’s problems – including taking tires from Keselowski and Earnhardt’s respective teams for analysis and planning interviews with members of those teams to see what adjustments may have been made on Sunday.

For Ryan’s full report, as well as thoughts from analysts Jeff Burton and Wally Dallenbach, watch the clip above.