Italian rally fans miraculously avoid flipping race car (VIDEO)

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A group of Italian rally spectators escaped with their lives after a car overshot a tight corner, went airborne, and flipped towards them before tumbling back down to the course.

The incident took place during the Jolly Rally Valle d’Aosta. It begins with the Renault Clio of driver Piero Scavone and co-driver Diego D’Herin going wide of the turn before heading up toward the group of fans situated on an earthen bank.

While several of those fans ran up the bank to avoid the Renault, others remain sitting on top of a wall as the car is knocked skyward and then end-over-end.

But instead of hitting one of those fans on the wall, the car falls off the bank and back to the course.

Somehow, someway, none of the spectators were seriously hurt; Australia’s ABC News relays a report from Italy’s la Repubblica newspaper that Scavone and D’Herin were treated for minor injuries themselves and that one fan was treated for shock.