Off The Grid: It’s tough at the top for Mercedes boss Toto Wolff (VIDEO)

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Put yourself in the shoes of an outsider to Formula One. You notice that Mercedes has been dominating all season long with drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, and is seemingly on the way to a World Championship.

So, you’d figure their boss, Toto Wolff, has been feeling rather loose ever since it was clear that his squad was going to pummel the competition in the wake of F1’s new technical regulations.

In reality, it hasn’t always been a perfect situation for Wolff this year.

As Hamilton and Rosberg have fought for the championship, they’ve had their share of clashes this season that include a tense Monaco Grand Prix weekend and an on-track incident last month at Spa.

Additionally, both of them have suffered reliability problems – especially glaring considering how strong the Merc package has been in 2014.

Put it all together, and Wolff is not always as relaxed as an outsider may expect.

“Sometimes it looks like a nice place to be, but – of course, this is a luxury problem – but it’s very intense in the team,” Wolff told NBCSN’s Will Buxton during an interview for the latest edition of “Off The Grid” in Singapore.

“For the first time, we have the possibility of winning the World Championship in 60 years with two drivers fighting strongly…I wouldn’t want to change it for the world, but still, it’s not always easy.”

Wolff also discussed how he considers the big picture of the championship, his own passion for racing, and the unique situation of having his spouse – Williams test driver Susie Wolff – drive for the competition.

You can see his interview with Buxton in the clip above, and you can watch the premiere of “Off The Grid: Singapore” this Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. ET on NBCSN following coverage of the Russian Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso will decide this summer whether to pursue F1 again

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Fernando Alonso said he will determine by this summer if he would consider a return to Formula One next season.

After announcing Tuesday that he will return to Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May with Arrow McLaren Racing SP, Alonso said “right now the Indy 500 will take all of my concentration” but left the door open for F1 in 2021.

“In my case, probably during the summer period, I’ll make a decision on 2021 if Formula One is still appealing to me,” Alonso told IndyCar on NBC announcer Leigh Diffey in an interview (watch the video above). “The 2021 rules (in F1) are definitely a step forward, and hopefully things can be more mixed and not only three teams capable of winning races. So all this factors into play. I may consider that possibility.”

Alonso won consecutive Formula One championships in 2005-06 with Renault. He has 32 victories in an F1 career that started in 2001 and also includes stints at Ferrari and McLaren.

His last victory on the circuit was May 12, 2013 in Barcelona. He is winless in his most recent 110 starts, including the past 77 races with McLaren in 2015-18.

The Guardian recently reported that McLaren CEO Zak Brown said Alonso wouldn’t be returning to F1 with the team.

Alonso also told Diffey that returning to F1 from a two-season absence wouldn’t necessarily be linked to McLaren’s performance.

“I think they did well last year, and hopefully they make another step forward and close to the top three because they deserve it and are a fantastic team,” he said.

Though he is optimistic about more parity, Alonso said six-time champion Lewis Hamilton should be a favorite for the 2020 title based on preseason testing in which Mercedes turned heads with a new steering system.

“It seemed Mercedes is still quite competitive,” Alonso said. “They show enormous potential on the development side and on the progress from one year to next. Formula One is impossible to predict because many things happen in season.

“At the starting point, (Mercedes) are the favorites. When you have Lewis in the car and Mercedes with the potential they have, they have to be No. 1 probably.”