“This is 40” – Joe Posnanski on Dale Jr. – helps kick off NBC SportsWorld


This Wednesday, NBC SportsWorld premieres with a number of long-form features, including one from Joe Posnanski on Dale Earnhardt Jr. called “This is 40.”

Junior, who turned 40 last week and was the talk of the pre-race festivities leading into the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Charlotte, had a long conversation with Posnanski on life, growing up, getting older and now, turning 40.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the lead couple of paragraphs:

Junior shrugs and still does not look up. There’s no explaining all this. Now the stories focus on how comfortable he is, how much Amy (Reimann, girlfriend) and Steve (Letarte, crew chief) and others have changed his life, how he’s winning again on the track and enjoying life more off the track. So be it. The stories are right. And they’re also not right. You know?

“I don’t have it perfect,” he says. “I haven’t perfected things. I don’t have everything in my life exactly right. I don’t do everything right every day.”

And now he does look up.

“I have a hard time,” he says, “sitting there and not worrying about what other people are thinking.”

The new SportsWorld, which channels its name from the old Saturday afternoon NBC series in the 1980s, is expected to focus on long-form writing, in-depth stories from writers throughout NBC, and additional piercing and video content from across the NBC Sports family.

A mission statement, outlined by Posnanski, is linked here.