A great way to remember Dan Wheldon: acing his first “grid run” at Iowa (VIDEO)


Social media has, unsurprisingly, a wealth of tributes occurring today in memory of Dan Wheldon. Today marks three years since his passing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the last round of the 2011 IndyCar season.

Earlier in the year, Wheldon had participated with Robin Miller in IndyCar’s first crack at a “grid run” at Iowa Speedway. He was easily in his element even though Dario Franchitti, his one-time teammate, told him “you know what your job is.”

We brought this post up as an Iowa flashback last year, but it’s a better way to remember him today than in the sadness of Las Vegas. Here, again, is the Wheldon/Miller “grid run” at Iowa, on NBCSN’s forerunner Versus.