Danica: Logano still has more to prove that he’s truly sorry about Charlotte wreck


While Joey Logano thinks his racing relationship with Danica Patrick is fine, Danica doesn’t exactly see things the same way.

Earlier this week, Logano said he feels the wreck he and Patrick had at Charlotte Motor Speedway two weeks ago are behind them.

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Not so fast, Joey, according to Patrick.

She has a completely different view of their supposed truce. She even was given the go-ahead over her team radio to retaliate against Logano at Charlotte, but chose not to because he was already locked into the Eliminator Round. But now that we’re in the Eliminator Round, it could be a whole different story if Patrick is still seeking retribution.

Instead of things being hunky dory, Logano still has a ways to go until he’s fully back in Patrick’s good graces.

“If he keeps proving that he’s sorry, then everything will be fine,” Patrick said about Logano to The Associated Press.

And if he doesn’t? Logano may still feel Patrick’s wrath yet — and that could go a long way towards keeping him out of the final four round heading into the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Nov. 16.

Just a suggestion, Joey — and hopefully her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., won’t get too mad — but try a peace offering, like chocolates and flowers.

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