Kyle Busch may not walk on water, but he sure can glide on it (video)


With some of the things he says or does on the racetrack, Kyle Busch might seem like he’s all wet at times.

Monday in Miami Beach, Busch truly was all wet, as he piloted the Miss GEICO Superboat on Biscayne Bay at speeds approaching 150 mph.

And perhaps for one of the few times in his life, Busch — who was dressed in his traditional firesuit instead of a wet suit — actually agreed to have a co-driver. But this was no ordinary co-pilot, this was eight-time Superboat world champ Scott Begovich, who normally is the main man behind the wheel of Miss GEICO.

After all, the last thing Rowdy Busch wanted was for the superboat to get all squirrelly and do some flips or barrel rolls.

So while Busch held onto the steering wheel, Begovich was the throttle man. You can see it all on the video produced by Motor Racing Network (

“This is great. This thing drives nice,” Busch said. “This turning right thing is a little out of the ordinary, but I could do this.”

Later, Busch took a number of lucky fans and sponsors on a ride in the Thriller Miami, a catamaran that is big with tourists around South Beach and the surrounding area.

The event was a promotion for the upcoming Ford season-ending weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

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