Vergne: Being kept by Toro Rosso win-win for everybody

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Jean-Eric Vergne believes that being retained by Toro Rosso for the 2015 Formula 1 season would be the best option for both himself and the team.

The Frenchman was originally dropped from the Toro Rosso line-up for next season, making way for 17-year-old rookie Max Verstappen.

However, following Sebastian Vettel’s decision to leave Red Bull at the end of the season, a space at Toro Rosso was freed up when Daniil Kvyat was promoted to be the German’s replacement.

Although junior drivers such as Carlos Sainz Jr. and Alex Lynn would appear to be the natural choice, the team has hinted that it could look for an experienced hand such as Vergne to help with Verstappen’s development.

“I think it is the best option for both the team and myself,” Vergne said when asked about the possibility of staying at Toro Rosso for 2015.

“I think with the build up at Toro Rosso, when I arrived we had a brand new team with a new technical director and a lot of new people. The plan was in a few years to be one of the top midfield teams. We’re getting there, and I think it would be really important for all of us that we keep going.

“I think we can be a really strong team next year if we keep going together, and that’s something that I think would be really nice. I would love that.

“Max is a great talent, and I think he can learn from me like Daniil did this year. I think it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Vergne also feels that his season has been dimmed somewhat by a number of retirements, overshadowing a strong campaign.

“I’ve been extremely unlucky this year with all of the retirements,” he said. “When you retire, no-one remembers where you were or where you could have finished or what you’ve done during the whole weekend. They just remember ‘oh no points in here’.

“When I look at the reaction of people after the race in Singapore – I’ve done many other races like this in the season, but never finishing it, no-one remembers.

“It’s a bit of a shame. Therefore, I would love to get one more year and show more performance, finishing the race like I did in Singapore.”


Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen’s two-man battle in Motocross provides surprises

Rich Shepherd, ProMotocross
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The 2019 Motocross season is one-third in the books and the title battle may have already come down to a two-man contest, while the pair of contenders might just be a little surprising in their own way.

Strictly by the numbers, no one can count Eli Tomac’s early season charge of first- and second-place finishes shocking, but threepeating in Motocross is such an incredibly difficult feat that no one would have been surprised to see him struggle out of the gates either. And in fact, that is precisely what happened.

Tomac came out of the gates slow in Round 1 and was seventh by the end of Lap 1 of Moto 1 – hardly the auspicious start he hoped for. He rebounded only as far as fourth and that ultimately cost him a chance to win the overall. Tomac won Moto 2 to claim second overall.

In Round 2, Tomac found his rhythm and won both Motos and grabbed the red plate. For the moment, he had the momentum with three consecutive Moto wins.

Tomac stumbled again in Round 3 – this time finishing only fifth in Moto 1 and earning only 16 points to dig a deep hole that eventually surrendered the red plate to Ken Roczen.

It was at Thunder Valley in Round 3 that a pattern emerged. Tomac would not make it easy on himself early in the day, but was more than capable of winning the second Motos to overcome his deficit.

That Roczen has won this season is also not a surprise in itself. Many believed his ascent to the top step of the podium was way overdue.

That he has run so well, however, was not entirely expected at the start of the season. Since injuring both arms in a pair of accidents, Roczen came tantalizingly close to snapping his winless streak a dozen times. He won heat races during the Supercross season and finished second at Anaheim I, Minneapolis, Dallas, and Seattle earlier this year.

He just couldn’t secure the overall win.

Roczen’s Moto 1 victory at Hangtown might have been the precursor to another disappointing weekend, but once Tomac got into the lead, Roczen zeroed in on the Kawasaki’s back tire and finished second in route to the overall victory.

Roczen lost the overall and the red plate to Tomac in Round 2 at Pala, but he stood on the podium in both Motos. Roczen podiumed twice again in Round 3 while taking that overall victory to regain the red plate in what has become a seesaw affair in the early part of the 2019 season.

Last week, Roczen looked more like Tomac with his desperate struggle in Moto 1 and sixth-place finish. That was the first (and so far only) time this season that he failed to stand on the podium.

Roczen’s Moto 2 win last week was just enough to put him second overall with barely enough points to force a tie at the top of the leaderboard with 176 points apiece.

Meanwhile, Tomac failed to win either Moto with a third in the first race and runner-up finish in the second.

The moral victory and advantage may shift to Roczen this week.

As they have swapped the victory in the first four rounds with Roczen winning the odd-numbered events, he sees this weekend’s Round 5 as an opportunity.

“I’m looking forward to next weekend’s race,” Roczen said in a team press release. “The track is sandy. It’s very similar—actually almost identical—to what I ride on a regular basis at home.”

Tomac and Roczen enter Round 5 with a 32-point advantage over two riders tied for third in the standings.

So far Zach Osborne and Jason Anderson have not been in the same league as the leaders, but it only takes one slip of the wheel to fall out of the points in in a race and allow these racers to close the gap.

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