NASCAR: Chevy riffs brilliantly at Texas off “Technology and stuff” line


During the World Series MVP trophy presentation Wednesday night, Chevrolet regional zone manager Rikk Wilde stumbled over his lines during his speech to MVP Madison Bumgarner in presenting him the keys to a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado truck.

In case you happened to miss it, here was the clip including the infamous “technology and stuff” line. More here on Bumgarner from HardballTalk.

Turns out Chevrolet isn’t running from the line botching, but embracing it.

At the NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend in Dallas/Ft. Worth – a couple hours away from F1’s United States Grand Prix in Austin – Chevrolet trucks have the #TechnologyAndStuff hashtag on the sides of the cab.

Here’s a pic from reporter Alan Cavanna noting it, along with a shot from the stands by a fan:

Teams are embracing it too, as evidenced by Richard Childress Racing for instance:

A brilliant marketing job by Chevrolet to make the best out of an awkward situation. And additionally, it gets people talking about Chevrolet and technology in the same sentence. Not bad.