Conor Daly and Josef Newgarden brilliantly riff off NASCAR fight on Twitter

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We meant to hit this a few days ago but in the wake of the U.S. Grand Prix weekend and all the NASCAR post-race hoopla at Texas Motor Speedway, we weren’t quite able to hit it in time.

Still, chalk one up to budding IndyCar hopeful Conor Daly for playing nicely off the Brad Keselowski/Jeff Gordon and crew throwdown at TMS to come up with an idea to hopefully getting IndyCar more national exposure and water cooler conversation.

After the incident, where crewmembers were part of the scrum post-race, Daly tweeted this to Newgarden:

To which Newgarden responded,

Daly had this ultimate response back to Newgarden.

Two things here:

1. It’s smart of Daly – who is a notable name and has been working tirelessly for the better part of two years to finally break into IndyCar full-time, where he’d have the chance to race his longtime rival Newgarden – to play off something that is getting far more buzz domestically, racing-wise, than anything on track did this weekend (both the NASCAR race and the U.S. Grand Prix).

2. It’s unfortunate that such a suggestion would be regarded as a good idea to help get IndyCar more buzz. The fact of the matter for IndyCar is that while its on-track product is second-to-none in this country in terms of competition and action, the lack of interest is obvious beyond the I-465 corridor in Indianapolis and a handful of other surrounding areas.

My only suggestion? Conor, feel free to tag the NBCSN Sunday Sports Report, too…