Lawyer: Custody battle led to delay in Kurt Busch accusations


The attorney for Patricia Driscoll, the ex-girlfriend of Kurt Busch who has accused him of domestic abuse, said a custody battle was what caused Driscoll’s delay in approaching authorities.

According to a story on, Driscoll’s attorney, Mark Dysio, said his client did not go to Dover (Delaware) police due to Driscoll being involved in a custody battle with her unidentified ex-husband.

“Part of that case is premised off the fact Ms. Driscoll, Mr. Busch and the child spent so much time together,” Dysio said. “The (birth) father was concerned young Houston was being referred to in the paper by Mr. Busch as his stepson, his surrogate son, as Kurt Jr. Any allegations involving Mr. Busch would have had a material effect on that custody case.

“As any parent will tell you, their child is their primary concern. So legally, it took some time to work through the process of how Mr. Busch’s situation with Ms. Driscoll would affect that custody case. It was only until that was resolved to a certain degree of satisfaction that we were able to pursue the second avenue.”

That second avenue, of course, is the allegations Driscoll has leveled against Busch, that he verbally and physically abused her, including allegedly hitting her head against a wall three times.

Busch’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, was adamant that his client denies Driscoll’s claims, according to USA Today.

“When the investigation is over, everyone will realize this is a fabrication and an event that did not happen,” he said. “Past that, I don’t want to say any more than that and instead leave the police to reach their own conclusions.”

Dysio told USA Today that Driscoll has given Dover police investigators various bits of evidence, including photographs, text messages and the names of potential witnesses who could corroborate Driscoll’s story.

Dysio also said this is not a situation where Driscoll wants money from Busch.

“No monetary demands have been made,” he said. “Ms. Driscoll is very successful in her own right. She’s a defense contractor in Washington.

“Her foundation (Armed Forces Foundation) does numerous great events and supports both men and women. So this isn’t a case of some young kid trying to come in and squeeze a dollar.”​

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