Pirelli: No great changes for 2015 F1 tire compounds

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Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery has said that there will be no great changes to the tire compounds for the 2015 Formula 1 season despite facing criticism across the course of 2014.

After a disastrous year in 2013 that saw the safety of its tires be called into question, Pirelli opted to produce more conservative compounds in 2014 that were more durable than their predecessors.

However, some believe that the tires are too conservative and should not last as long to ensure multiple pit stops in a grand prix, thus making the race more exciting.

Speaking in yesterday’s FIA press conference, Hembery said that he does not envisage too many changes to the current selection and allocation of tires for 2015.

“We’re not planning any great changes,” Hembery said. “We’re trying to improve a little bit the footprint area of the tyre, which is what you do as a tire maker.

“Compounds? Well, again minimal changes. Maybe working on some of the temperature ranges of some of the compounds, but not planning anything dramatic, primarily because we still want to understand what these technical guys are going to come up with in terms of developments for next season.

“They’ve had a year to understand the new regulations and we are expecting some quite strong improvements during next season.”

Earlier this year, Pirelli did conduct at test with the new 18-inch rimmed tires, but it is thought that this is not a change that will be implemented into the sport anytime soon.