NASCAR AMERICA: What does the future hold for Chase Elliott? (VIDEO)


You’re Chase Elliott. And you’ve just become the NASCAR Nationwide Series champion.

You’ve also become the first rookie to win the NNS title and the youngest champion ever across all three NASCAR national series.

You’ve also now made yourself and your proud papa, former Sprint Cup champion Bill, the fifth father-son combo to capture NASCAR championships.

And you know all of this won’t lessen the impatience of NASCAR fans that are now even more eager to see you rise to the top-level Sprint Cup Series. Not by one iota.

So…When’s it gonna happen, champ?

“First and foremost, that’s not my decision to make and I don’t know – we don’t know what tomorrow brings, much less stuff like that,” Elliott said during a chat with NASCAR AMERICA’s Rick Allen on today’s show. “So I don’t know. I know when our deal came together with NAPA at the beginning of this season, it was for this year and next year running the Nationwide Series.

“That’s really the only thing I know for sure. Beyond that, I’ll just take it a race at a time, try to do my job each week, and the rest, hopefully, will figure itself out.”

For more of Elliott’s thoughts on his biggest racing accomplishment to date, check out his full interview with Allen in the clip above.