Markus Niemela OK following massive sprint car accident at Perris (VIDEO)


The 2008 Formula Atlantic champion Markus Niemela had his open-wheel road racing career stall out a year after winning his title. However, he’s reinvented himself as a dirt racer the last several seasons.

The Finn, though, had never been through a wild ride quite like this one he had at Perris Auto Speedway in California the other night.

A new axle broke, which caused a freak accident where Niemela’s car somersaulted into the catch-fencing.

Here’s Niemela’s post written on Facebook, describing the accident:

“Here’s Loudpedal’s video of my crash last week… Again, I want to make clear that the axle that broke was top notch and new (just as everything else at JFM). It was just one of those freak accidents that are impossible to predict. I’m very thankful that not a dime was spared and all the safety equipment were top of the line and up to date (namely the ButlerBuilt custom seat, ratchet belts, high quality Arai helmet and a real HANS).

“I’ve been injured quite a few times before in different things and although I pretty much walked away with only a little concussion from this one, it was still the most violent accident of my life. Obviously I had very, very good luck… and I also gotta say that although I’ve never been comfortable to talk about my faith or anything (especially not in public) when things like this happen it makes you think and appreciate stuff even more.

“Thank you all for all for the support and the nice messages!

“And mom, don’t watch this!”