Grosjean finally confirmed at Lotus


Romain Grosjean has finally been confirmed at Lotus on Wednesday, after weeks where he was expected to be locked in.

This officially finalizes the 2015 Lotus-Mercedes lineup of Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado, who’d already been confirmed.

The team announced the news on Twitter, poking fun at Grosjean originally jumping the gun.

Grosjean expanded in a Q&A on the team’s website.

“I think we make a great combination. We’ve been working together for a long time now and I certainly didn’t want to leave on a performance low like we’ve seen in 2014 as we’ve enjoyed some beautiful moments together,” he said. “It would have just felt wrong to say goodbye in a tough patch like we have had in 2014, because I know what everyone at Enstone is capable of. Moments like this can either make you stronger or destroy you and I’m sure that the team is only going to learn from what has been a hard year.”

He’s quite excited the team will take a step forward with its new chassis and power unit partner next year.

“I’m very pleased, happy and proud to be part of Lotus F1 Team for next year and excited at the prospect of being powered by the Mercedes engine which has looked so strong this year,” he said. “The E23 should be a good step forward, building on all the lessons from 2014. I’ve spent a lot of time at the factory working with everyone, and the relationship I have with the team is very strong. We’ve had some good moments and tough ones and we always stay together, which makes it even more attractive for the future.”

Here’s the tweets poking fun at Grosjean from Lotus: