NASCAR AMERICA: A well-deserved title for Kevin Harvick (VIDEO)


Kevin Harvick always had the speed. It was just everything else that was the problem.

As mechanical issues and pit road botches cost the No. 4 Stewart-Haas Racing team one win after another over the regular season, it was getting harder and harder to see Harvick as a legitimate contender for this year’s Sprint Cup title.

But Harvick and SHR kept at it. A crew swap with teammate/boss Tony Stewart seemed to stabilize the pit road issue. And then the luck finally turned at the most opportune time: The Chase.

A win at Charlotte propelled Harvick into the Eliminator Round, and in that round’s finale at Phoenix, Harvick won to ensure himself a place in the championship battle at Homestead.

Then, Harvick did it again in the biggest race of the season with a victory that gave the 4 camp a title in its very first season of existence.

All in all, the crown was a well-deserved one for them. NASCAR AMERICA’s Rick Allen and Kyle Petty discuss in the clip above.