Sutil focused on staying in Formula 1 next season


ABU DHABI – Adrian Sutil has said that he remains uncertain where his future in motorsport lies after being dropped by Sauber for 2015, but is focused on remaining in Formula 1.

Sutil joined Sauber at the beginning of the season, but has been dropped for 2015 to make room for Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr. Current teammate Esteban Gutierrez is also looking for another seat, and is likely to take up a reserve role for next year.

Unlike Gutierrez though, Sutil does have a contract with Sauber for 2015, and has already said that the issue needs to be resolved by the team soon. Speaking yesterday in Abu Dhabi though, he could give no new updates.

“I’ve got my feelings, but I will not say where this feelings goes,” Sutil explained. “It’s just something I can’t comment on at the moment. I hope you guys respect that. It’s something to sort out, then we’ll see what’s going to happen.”

The German driver did concede that there is a big question mark hanging over his head following this turn of events, but he remains committed to finding a future in Formula 1.

“Sure, there’s a little question mark after the news I read,” Sutil acknowledged. “There is a little uncertainty. You never know 100% what’s going to happen, but certain things have to be clear, and then you can go on.

“We have to wait and, for sure, there will be some clarification soon, then I’ll let you know about my future and what I want. My heart is for Formula 1 still. I like to be here and to race with these cars.”

When asked if he felt badly treated by Sauber, Sutil simply said that he was focusing on the race weekend in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

“I can’t really say anything,” he said. “I know you all want to know something, but there’s nothing I can say.

“For me, this is the focus now, on this weekend. I’m not interested in something else right now.”