“NASCAR” is most frequently used word among Indiana online dating profiles


When you think about how much racing means in the state of Indiana, this next bit of news is hardly surprising.

Recently, Mashable decided to ask online dating service Match.com to analyze thousands of U.S.-based online dating profiles in an attempt to discover how daters’ habits and interests differed from state to state.

To that end, Match.com ultimately found the most-frequently used word in the profiles from each state.

And when it came down to the Hoosier State, the most-used word in that state’s profiles was…”NASCAR.”

One would figure that a state from the South, the region where NASCAR was created, would have gotten that distinction. But, no.

Daters in North Carolina – home of NASCAR’s Hall of Fame, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and some of the greatest drivers to ever compete in the sport – most frequently used the word “mountains” in their profiles.

And what about Florida, where NASCAR was founded (and still has its headquarters) and which hosts both the Daytona 500 and the Sprint Cup Championship Race at Homestead? Daters there most frequently used the word “Disney.”

Alabama and Georgia daters? “Grilling.” South Carolina daters? “Downtown.” Tennessee daters? “Porch.” Virginia daters? “Military.” Kentucky daters? “Basketball.”

OK, the last two states and Florida should be rather self-explanatory. But perhaps this is just another sign of how NASCAR’s spread itself beyond its Southern roots.

Or maybe it’s just a funny exercise in data journalism. Probably both.

Meanwhile, we have to wonder: How much did “IndyCar” or “Indy 500” get used in those profiles from Indiana? But seriously, IndyCar has bigger things to worry about – like preparing for 2015, for example.