Sprint Cup team co-owner Brad Daugherty’s restaurant in N.C. has closed


Brad Daugherty’s first attempt at the restaurant business has ended with a proverbial red flag.

Back in July, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team co-owner opened the seafood-leaning Daugherty’s American Kitchen and Drink in Asheville, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, word has come from the Asheville Citizen-Times that the eatery has already closed down after just five months of service. Its last day was this past Saturday.

The paper ran an excerpt of a press release from the managing partner of the restaurant, which stated a possible move to downtown Asheville may be a future possibility that’s better suited for the Daugherty’s concept. However, there are currently no immediate plans to do that.

With more consumers taking a health-conscious approach these days, Daugherty was seeking to create a different sort of casual restaurant with healthier dishes having equal representation along with the usual steaks and burgers.

But more importantly, as he stated in July to the Citizen-Times, he wanted an environment that fit with “the culture of celebrating the daily meal.”

“Some of the most important decisions I’ve made, or greatest conversations I’ve had have been over a good meal, a good relaxed environment to sit and talk with great food but none of the pretension that goes along with the great meal,” he said at the time.

With that in mind, we hope Daugherty can get his concept back on track some time in the future.