Vettel takes a bow in final Red Bull departure


Yesterday we saw Ferrari release video of Sebastian Vettel’s first test with the team. Today saw the four-time World Champion officially close the door with Red Bull Racing, to end his incredible six-year run with the team.

Friday was his last day with the team, but Vettel took the unusual step of coming into Milton Keynes Tuesday to come back in to properly say goodbye. There were speeches, gifts, jokes and perhaps, tears.

“The last six years have been incredible,” Vettel said, via the Red Bull team website. “What we’ve achieved, the work that’s gone in. So much passion, so much dedication. It will always stay in my heart. Big, big thank you to everyone. In the end we had the better car because we were the better team. Thank you really doesn’t really describe enough what I feel.”

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, presented a gift bag to Vettel that featured an espresso cup, Speedos and sunglasses, along with what Red Bull termed “a few other items that, for the sake of Anglo-Italian relations will go unmentioned.”

Bigger gift items included a 50 percent scale model bull and also one of his four championship-winning cars. The car will come later because Horner said he “doesn’t want it turning up in Maranello.”

It’s clear Vettel made a massive impact on the Red Bull team, and his last year shouldn’t diminish all he accomplished. It remains to be seen whether he can do the same with Ferrari in the future.