F1: Double points and standing restarts dropped, VSC added after WMSC meeting


Two of the more controversial measures that either did or were scheduled to come into play in Formula One are now off the table, officially, for 2015.

The double points lottery implemented for this year’s 2014 season finale, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, has been dropped. It was nearly universally unpopular and, perhaps mercifully, did not throw a monkey wrench into the final championship standings.

Meanwhile standing restarts, which were announced earlier this year to be implemented in 2015, have also been dropped. Bernie Ecclestone said a month later that he did not want to see them introduced.

“After consultation with the Teams who raised a number of safety concerns, Articles 42.7 and 42.8 on standing restarts have been rescinded,” said the official statement from the FIA.

The Virtual Safety Car measure has been officially adopted after trial runs in the later stages of 2014. From the FIA:

Following tests of the VSC system at the final Events of 2014, the introduction of the system has been approved for 2015. The VSC procedure may be initiated to neutralise a race upon the order of the clerk of the course. It will normally be used when double waved yellow flags are needed on any section of track and competitors or officials may be in danger, but the circumstances are not such as to warrant use of the safety car itself. The full text of the article is available in Annex I.

Other technical and penalty updates will be revealed in a separate post.