“Kim Who?”: It’s NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler’s turn to #BreakTheInternet (PHOTO)


So, we all remember how Kim Kardashian and Paper Magazine attempted to break the internet last month, right?

While the cover of the nude Kardashian got the most attention (and the most memes), another cover of the mag had Kardashian wearing a black dress and re-creating Jean-Paul Goude’s “champagne incident” photo – in which a naked model uncorks a bottle of champagne in her hands and shoots bubbly over her head into a glass positioned on her derriere.

Thankfully, NASCAR XFINITY Series driver Elliott Sadler was not naked when he decided to tweet out his own version of the “champagne incident” this afternoon on his Twitter account.

With the question “Kim Who?” below, Sadler wears his normal fire suit as he balances a glass on his clearly altered rear end. But instead of popping champagne over his head, Sadler is using another globally popular beverage – Coca-Cola, one of his sponsors.

I guess we’ll call this the “Coke Incident,” then.

Yeah, Sadler may be late to the “break the internet” party. But this is still a gut-buster.