Button calls McLaren driver delay “strange”


As the wait goes on to see when McLaren decides on a driver lineup and officially confirms Fernando Alonso’s return, Jenson Button has called the situation one of the stranger ones he’s witnessed in 15 years of Formula One.

Speaking at Sunday night’s AUTOSPORT awards, Button said he’s just dealing with it, at least publicly.

“It’s a strange situation, but sometimes in life you find yourself in these difficult situations and you just have to deal with it,” Button said.

“If it was my first year in F1 it would be a lot more difficult, but I’ve had an amazing career in Formula 1 – to win a world championship and achieve what I’ve achieved has been an amazing experience.”

McLaren racing director Eric Boullier confirmed during the evening there still hadn’t been a decision yet, but it would be only a matter of days.

The indecision has several tentacles. It hurts McLaren from a PR standpoint, and has upset fans, but it could well be understandable if there are greater commercial and/or contractual matters at hand that are causing this delay.