F1: ‘Ruthless’ Rosberg recovered from coming up short to Hamilton, says teammate’s reign may be ‘short-lived’


Nico Rosberg is proud of teammate Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One championship.

But in an interview with Austria’s Sportwoche magazine, the German driver made comments that almost sounded a bit like sour grapes toward Hamilton.

“The good thing is that sporting success is always short-lived,” Rosberg said.

Does that mean Rosberg doesn’t believe two-time champion Hamilton can win yet another F1 title in 2015?

“I’ve won races myself so I know that in sport these moments of happiness do not last,” Rosberg said.

Sounds a little snarky to us, indeed.

But Rosberg claims he’s fine, that he’s finally gotten over the disappointment of falling short to his Mercedes teammate in the F1 battle, particularly in the closing stages of the season.

“I’m doing very well again,” Rosberg said. “Everyone is happy. The whole team is happy because it was a successful year and Lewis deserved to win.”

In another interview with Germany’s Auto Bild magazine, Rosberg noted, “Of course at first I was extremely disappointed and depressed (after losing the crown), but that passed relatively quickly in recognition of Lewis.”

Rosberg then appeared to try and be politically correct, adding “He (Hamilton) has once again become the worthy world champion.”

Also in Auto Bild, team manager Toto Wolff praised Rosberg for being gracious in defeat to Hamilton.

“For me, it was more than sportsmanship,” Wolff said. “I don’t believe any other top driver would have behaved as (Rosberg) did and I think that shows his character so well.”

Adding that Rosberg is both “hard as nails” and “ruthless,” Wolff is looking forward to seeing how the season runner-up picks up to start the 2015 where he left off at the end of 2014.

So, too, is Rosberg, who is calling his approach to next season “positive optimism.”

“A world championship fight is an incredible experience,” Rosberg said. “I have learned a lot and I know what I have to work on.

“It’s all about details and now I’m going to put them into play.”

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